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Eric Myszka: Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Cory Smith: Senior Vice President and Web-Design
Jed Bauch: Co-Founder, Director and Writer
Aaron Boyd: Chief Squinty Advocate
Chris Corkery: Graphic Arts
Justin Long: Writer (Los Angeles Division)
Luke Penca: Writer (Chicago Division)

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Squinty Pictures was founded in 1993. The first project was "Interview with Ice-T." After that was shimmed, a music video compilation for the super-group, "Mr E and the Bar Nuns" was filmed.

The first major project for Squinty Pictures came about in 1995 with "Iron Aces." After a great response, a sequel, "Iron Aces II: Dependence Day" followed in 1998. Plans for the next Iron Aces movie, "Iron Aces III: ROTC (Return of the Commander)" have been talked about since 2000, and those dreams will never come to fruition in our lifetimes.

We are currently in development of a new music video for LyinHeart, our second collaboration.

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