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May 30, 2007:
  • www.filmracing.com

    Who knows what our topic will be? Can we do it this Saturday in 12? Only Squinty can tell.
April 1, 2007:
  • Happy 4nd Birthday SquintyPictures.com!
  • Happy 12th Birthday Iron Aces (The Original)!
  • Happy 14th Birthday Squinty Actors Guild!
January 1, 2007:
  • Happy New Year! With the new year comes exciting opportunities. Stay tuned.
September 9, 2005:
  • Congratulations to Ransford Doherty and Tabitha Arrow who made the S.A.G. at the Eligible Level (3)! Congrats also go out to Justin Long who moved from Iron (7) to Steel Level (9), Shannon Bucci who moved from Eligible (3) to Tin Level (4) and Luke Penca who moved from Copper (6) to Iron Level (7)!
August 28, 2005:
  • "The Outcast" is finished and ready for it's premiere! The showing will take place at Universal Studios Hollywood at 7:00 PM.
  • Click here to view the premiere invitation.
June 18, 2005:
  • Todd Harlan and Rheanon Leverington become Mr. and Mrs. Harlan.
  • From all the staff and friends at Squinty Pictures, we wish Todd and Rheanon our best wishes in their future together!
April 1, 2005:
  • Happy 2nd Birthday SquintyPictures.com!
  • Happy 10th Birthday Iron Aces (The Original)!
  • Happy 12th Birthday Squinty Actors Guild!
January 1, 2005:
  • Happy New Year!
October 2, 2004:
  • Cory Smith and Sara Kelsey become Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
  • From all the staff and friends at Squinty Pictures, we wish Cory and Sara all the best in the years to come!
  • Visit The Kelsey-Smith Website for pictures and info.
September 25, 2004:
  • Iron Aces II: REDUX was shown to an invitation crowd only.
  • Let me tell you, Mr. Myszka has outdone himself this time. The original footage was painstakingly transfered to digital. The sound quality is the difference between talking through cans on a string to CD quality. An additional 2 minutes of "lost" footage was added. An entire bonus disc of trailers, interviews and extras is the icing on the cake.
  • Stay tuned for when and where this will become available to the general public.
September 20, 2004: September 18, 2004:
  • Aaron Boyd and Andrea Konichek become Mr. and Mrs. Boyd.
  • From all the staff and friends at Squinty Pictures, we wish Aaron and Andrea good luck and many years of happieness! Have a great honeymoon!
September 13, 2004:
  • Boy how time flies when you're hard at work! Here are a few things to keep our die-hard Squinty Fans wanting more! Lockergnome head-honcho, Chris Pirillo, has enlisted our very own Eric Myszka to create a series of video previews advertising the upcoming Gnomedex 4: Geeks Gone Wild convention.
  • Preview #1 (right click & save as)
  • Preview #2 (right click & save as)
  • ...and coming soon, Preview #3!
  • More updates to follow!
May 23, 2004: April 4, 2004:
  • After months of being absent, the "Feedback" page is back on-line!
  • About Us page, SAG page and Movies page updated.
April 1, 2004:
  • Happy 1st Birthday SquintyPictures.com!
  • Happy 9th Birthday Iron Aces (The Original)!
  • Happy 11th Birthday Squinty Actors Guild!
March 26, 2004:
  • Squinty Actors Guild (SAG) page goes online.
  • Movies page, About Us page and Links page updated.
March 23, 2004:
  • Movies page updated with some older Squinty Projects that fell between the cracks.
  • Behind the scenes work being done for the Squinty Actors Guild (SAG).
March 13, 2004:
  • The first Squinty Newsletter goes out and goes online!
  • Check out the "Newsletters" link to view all Newsletters.
January 28, 2004:
  • Hello everybody! This is your humble web-host Cory. With me as always is Squinty.

    "Party on Cory!"

    Party on Squinty! Alright... Cool!

    Now with that out of the way, on to better things...
  • After a mini-hiatus for family, vacations and recooperation, Squinty News is back in business! Stay tuned for exciting info and updates in the coming weeks, days, minutes and seconds!
  • First of all, our condolences go out to the family and friends of JJ "Bad Boy" Jones. JJ "Bad Boy" Jones was involved in Episode 5 of the "Senior Heroes of America" cable show. This great musician will be truly missed. You can read more about him here and here.
  • "Senior Heroes of America" Episodes 6, 7, 8 and 9 have been filmed and the show recaps are now online. Showtimes for these episodes will be posted in the near future.
  • Related website links for the people interviewed on "Senior Heroes of America" are now posted along with the show recaps.
  • Watch your mailboxes! The very first edition of the Squinty Pictures Newsletter will be arriving soon!
November 1, 2003:
  • "Senior Heroes Of America" will air on Wednesday, November 5, 2003 on Adelphia cable access channel 77. The show will be broadcast to over 60,000 homes in Orange County, California.
October 22, 2003:
  • More pictures added to the Pictures page.
October 15, 2003:
  • "Senior Heroes of America" episode guide posted to website. Check the floating menu or the bottom menu for the link.
  • ...or click here.
September 26, 2003:
  • Brad Flanagan is officially chosen to create all of the green screen composites for the movie "The Outcast." The work initially covers four scenes, including designing a 3-dimensional chamber for the Prime Minister.
September 13, 2003:
  • On Sept. 12, Aaron Boyd proposes to Andrea Konichek.
  • Tentative wedding date: September 18, 2004.
August 23, 2003:
  • Squinty Pictures has been chosen to edit a pilot for a sci-fi series called "Outcast." The 48 minute short will be marketed to the Sci-Fi Channel. The pilot was filmed in the desert with a budget around $30,000. "Outcast" takes place in a post-apocalypse world that is controlled by a prime minister and her Sandian Knights; basically scantily clad women with guns and fighting sticks.
August 14, 2003:
  • At approx. 11:50PM, Cory Smith proposes to Sara Kelsey.
  • Tentative wedding date: October 2, 2004.
August 12, 2003:
  • Squinty Pictures Newsletter being finalized. Please sign up to read indepth news and interviews with Squinty Pictures staff and stars, both past and present.
August 04, 2003:
  • Chris Pirillo has uploaded the complete video to his website.
  • Click here to download the (18MB+) video.
  • Click here to read and/or post comments and reviews.
  • Click here to visit Chris' personal website.
July 29, 2003: July 26, 2003:
  • "Behind The Computer" is shown at Gnomedex 3.0 to over 600 people, much to the delight of head Gnome Chris Pirillo and all those in attendance.
July 23, 2003:
  • Squinty Pictures started working on a show about two months ago called "Senior Heroes of America". The show features interviews with senior citizens that have contributed to society in some sort of significant way. The pilot, which was finished last month, was greenlit by an Adelphia cable public television access channel. They agreed to begin airing the show in September, after they have four episodes from us. The show will air once a week. This moment is significant because this might be the first step in something far greater!
    - Eric Myszka
July 15, 2003:
  • SquintyPictures.com goes online.
June 1, 2003:
  • SquintyPictures.com registered.
May 7, 2003:
  • Just a reminder that the Premiere for "That One Moment" is this Thursday, May 8, at 8:00PM at the LA Repertory Company Theater, 6560 Hollywood Blvd (2nd Floor), Los Angeles 90028, so make sure that your calenders are marked. One change, if you know for sure that you are coming please rsvp Kali Cook at 949-230-2687 and leave a message- who you are and how many are coming so we have some sort of idea on the numbers for the event. It's going to be an action packed fun filled night, and I look forward to seeing everyone there!
    -Eric Myszka
April 15 2003:
  • The big day has been finally chosen! We will premiere "That One Moment" on Thursday, May 8th at the LA Repertory Company Theater, 6560 Hollywood Blvd (2nd Floor), Los Angeles 90028. It is a 45 seat theater that is right next to Hollywood, about a block and a half west of Wilcox. The premiere starts at 8PM with refreshments and then the film starts at 8:30PM (run time- 35 minutes). Copies of the movie will be available to everyone in the production. Feel free to bring a guest or two and see you there!
    - Eric Myszka
April 13, 2003:
  • Squinty Pictures website goes online.
April 1, 2003:
  • Squinty Pictures website started.

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