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June 13, 2007:
  • Reserved For _______

    Lukateake Productions in association with Squinty Pictures, LTD. and Scarab Pictures

    A Shannon Bucci Film

    Featuring: Josh Mann, Gabriel Lawrence, Heather-Sarah White and Jim Faulkner

    Music: Linda Strawberry

    Production Manager: Eric Myszka

    Director of Photography: Geoff Stebbins

    Executive Producer: Luke Penca

    Editor: Justin Coloma

    Script: Justin Coloma, Russell Mills, Anne Madden and Justin Long

    Producer: Eric Myszka

    Director: Shannon Bucci

June 12, 2007:
  • You may notice a few broken links here and there throughout the website. Fear not! We're updating a few pages behind the scenes while we get ready to announce upcoming projects. Thanks for your patience.
June 4, 2007:

    I would like to take a moment and say a few things about Saturday's shoot. With the exception of a few (inevitable) hang-ups, this production was virtually a seamless, well-oiled machine. I know every person probably experienced at least one moment of doubt at some point that day but every single major problem was overcome and solved in a timely manner.

    I believe our work was not only incredibly professional from top to bottom but is also well executed and exceeds my personal goals for the project by a considerable degree. I am absolutely thrilled about how everything came out. I will say with absolute certainty that our project is hands down better than the majority of our competition online... perhaps, all of them. However, it is not my final say in the end and has to be determined by a judging panel that is unbiased. But ours will stand up to all of them and win or lose with panel, (or the audience)- in my mind we have already won, and I am damn proud of it.

    One more thing: on a personal note, words cannot adequately describe how grateful I am that all of you came on board. The raw talent we had in this group was flat-out outstanding and is apparent in every aspect of the completed project.

    Just as important for me was the fact that I had a great time. In fact, I have been told either in person or over the phone by many of you that your experience was similarly positive. Intangibly, a lot of people made new contacts and exercised your knowledge to a fuller extent and maybe even learned a new thing or two. I know I did! I also achieved a new satisfaction of our craft and reassured myself that this business is for me... something that seemed to disappear in my life with nearly two years of circumstantial film inactivity. Thank you for reinvigorating me!

    We had a good day on Saturday and, sadly, good days like that are very often hard to come by in this business. Let's celebrate this together on Thursday at the screening. Luke and I will be providing commemorative t-shirts for all cast and crew prior to the screening to wear in solidarity as a team (they're funny and very cool).

    Also, we'll have a lot of other news in the near future regarding this project as Thursday will not be the end of "Reserved For ________" by any stretch of the imagination. You all ROCK!

    Eric Myszka

June 2, 2007:
  • Film Racing Los Angeles 2007
May 30, 2007:
  • www.filmracing.com

    Who knows what our topic will be? Can we do it this Saturday in 12? Only Squinty can tell.
April 1, 2007:
  • Happy 4nd Birthday SquintyPictures.com!
  • Happy 12th Birthday Iron Aces (The Original)!
  • Happy 14th Birthday Squinty Actors Guild!
January 1, 2007:
  • Happy New Year! With the new year comes exciting opportunities. Stay tuned.

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