Volume 01, Issue 01: Winter Edition 2004


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Squinty Newsletter Staff
Cory Smith
Chief Editor
Cory Smith
Eric Myszka
Senior Editor
Eric Myszka

A Note From the Man Behind the Lens...

Hello Squinties and Squintites!

After five years of soul searching and contact making crazy parties, Squinty Pictures has finally entered the modern age with this (hopefully) interesting and intuitive newsletter designed to keep everyone posted on progress and excitement. This newsletter also supports our website- www.squintypictures.com of which all of you have stumbled across in one way or another. Keep checking back to it in order to keep up to date on our activities and also see if we have posted any more embarrassing pictures.

Basically, the last couple of months have been very important to Squinty Pictures and a major corner was turned that means we have begun a new era of production and creation. In short, Squinty has moved out of the “Ducktape” phase and advanced to the "Nails and Screws" phase. To go against tradition and put this more elegantly, I personally feel that Squinty is on the verge of going from a dream to a very real reality… or as we like to put it: "Making our reality a dream." You might be a bit confused with our traditional motto, but it will all start to make sense after you drink a beer or two. The point is, is that things are starting to happen after many years of toil and labor.

In their own ways, each of our current projects marks a monumental occasion and opportunity for Squinty Pictures; last year almost all of our projects happened at the same time! Also, Squinty Pictures has been approached about two bigger projects. So, in essence, there is going to be a lot to keep track of and talk about in the new year for us.

In the last three months Squinty Pictures has also modernized with a brand new computer (Sony, RZ34G) and tons more software to keep on trucking. Another new development- there will be a lot of old SP projects resurfacing on DVD with bonus footage and special features ofcourse in the future.

I feel in some sort of way, this is fate interacting with a lot of good luck. Either way, I think its neat that this all happened right after Cory Smith completed the majority of the neat website we have now. Until later- Squinty "Westside" out.

- Eric Myszka

Current Projects in Motion

"Senior Heroes of America"

This is a cable access show that was started six months ago by Eric Myszka and his project partner Marv Taman. Each episode features one or two senior citizens of the United States that have made a positive difference in society by either inventing something, performing a service for our country, or bringing joy into the lives of others. The show is running on the Adelphia Cable Network in Southern California and is broadcast to over 500,000 households. Each episode is half an hour long and includes four minutes of advertising spots that we are allowed to sell to a non-profit sponsor in order to finance the project. While funding is currently being sought, the pilot episode and 8 new episodes are getting airtime. The pilot was originally aired on November 5th. Check out the Squinty Pictures website and click on "Heroes" for more info.

"Behind The Computer"

The Squinty Pictures national breakthrough piece, was shown to some 600 people live at Gnomedex 3.0: Fellowship of the Gnomes, and downloaded off the Internet by almost 30,000 others. In lieu of the entertaining and accurate historical value of this project, it has been attached to Chris Pirillo’s backgrounder (portfolio) and has been shown to many CEO’s, entertainment leaders and several agencies. Squinty Pictures has also been asked to take this a step further and help promote Chris' future ambitions.

"The Outcast"

Squinty Pictures was chosen to edit this sci-fi 48 minute epic. The piece was shot in the desert and in a studio in front of a green screen and had a budget around $50,000. The epic story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where everyone is beautiful on the outside, but very dead on the inside, emotionally and spiritually. The struggle unfolds when Sandian Knights (tall beautiful women trained in weapons and martial arts) are sent on a mission to kill a man that is leading a revolution to bring passion and humanity back into the world. An internal struggle takes place throughout the movie as the assassins discover that they might be taking orders from the wrong side. Squinty Pictures completed the rough edit of the movie at the end of September and is constructing a model of a city in the movie to be used with green screen shots. Eric is now a co-producer on the project!

"Iron Aces II: Redux"

Yes, the task to bring the original to DVD is well under way and will be completed sometime in the spring of 2004. The new version will contain better video and audio quality, along with a slew of special features. It’s going to be a neat thing for the must-have collection folks!

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