"An Interview with Ice-T" Pictures

Cast and Crew from Interview

"Iron Aces II: Dependence Day" Pictures

Commander Cory Cory, a German Soldier and General Franklin Kirby Commander Cory Cory and Old Glory Save the Windshield Foundation

Commander Cory Cory, the Alien Queen actress and The Security Iron Aces II Premiere Night

Iron Aces II Groupies Commander Cory Cory in the Iron Ace Mobile Iron Aces II: The Soundtrack CD Cover

"Leaving Lucy" Pictures

Leaving Lucy on Location Leaving Lucy Cast and Crew

"Persephone's Dream" Pictures

The Dream Waiting A Working Script AND Storyboards

Persephone Extras The Muscle Behing the Dream

"Honor Among Thieves" Pictures

Honor Among Thieves Cast and Crew Eric and the Stripper Eric Filming the Stripper

"3 Smiles Back" Pictures

Eric and the Wheelchair Incident Behind the Scenes of 3 Smiles Back

Scene from 3 Smiles Back Outtake from 3 Smiles Back

"TKE Red Carnation Ball 2001" Pictures

Models from TKE RCB 2001

"The Big Delicious (Journey parody video)" Pictures

The Big Delicious Band Members, Cast and Crew The Big Delicious on Location

"Floored (Trilogy 1)" Pictures

Big Bad Cop Pizza Anyone? Would you want to go down?

"Iíll Wait For You" Pictures

Through the Looking Mailbox Behind the Scenes of IWFY Cast and Crew from IWFY

I wonder what is in the mailbox today? Nice Car!

"Running For Love" Pictures

Too Many Directors and Not Enough Grips Behind the Scenes of Running For Love Getting the Right Shot - TAKE TWO!

"Puddle Of Mudd (parody video)" Pictures

Fake Puddle of Mudd Guitarist and Drummer More Fake Puddle of Mudd Members

Eric - The Hands on Director You want a ride back?  Too bad - start walking! That Had to Hurt!

The Hitch-hiking Finger POM Parody Cast and Crew

"That One Moment" Pictures

That One Moment Principle Actors and Actresses Eric and the Babes

Behind the Cameras Photo Op More of the Babes of That One Moment

"TKE Red Carnation Ball 2003" Pictures

Ask Eric--- Eric and the Mikhail Gorbachev Clone