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"Turning your reality, into a dream."

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Eric Myszka: C.E.O. and Founder
Cory Smith: Sr. V.P. and Web-Design
Jed Bauch: Co-founder and Director/Writer
Aaron Boyd: Chief Squinty Advocate
Todd Harlan: Amplification Supervisor
Geoff Weisenberger: Imagineer
Brad Flanagan: Graphic Arts and Merchandising
Riccardo Gabrielli: Director on Call
Justin Long: Writer (West Side)
Karen Johnson:Research

Contact Us: SquintyPictures "at" squintypictures.com

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Squinty Actors Guild
(Actors and Actresses in three or more Squinty Pictures projects)

Commander Cory Nostradamus Cory
Eric Myszka
Cory Smith
Aaron Boyd
Todd Harlan
Joe Butler
Luke Penca
Ryan Durbin
Geoff Weisenberger
Riccardo Gabrielli
Justin Long
Kali Cook
Eric Lundy
Shannon Bucci
Stuart Ramsbottom
John Krajacic
1989 Chevrolet Celebrity Wagon

Squinty Pictures was founded in 1993. The first project was a music video compilation for the super-group, "Mr E and the Bar Nuns." After that was shimmed, the "Interview with Ice-T" was filmed.

The first major project for Squinty Pictures came about in 1995 with "Iron Aces." After a great response, a sequel, "Iron Aces II: Dependence Day" followed in 1998. Plans for the next Iron Aces movie, "Iron Aces III: ROTC (Return of the Commander)" have been talked about since 2000, and those dreams with come to fruition in the future.

We are currently in pre-production of a new movie called "Gorby Goes to Pour Richards." This is a tear-jerker saga of a struggling retired world leader trying to get a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer at a high profile hang out joint.

Stay turned to the official Squinty Pictures website for more updates, details and upcoming project information.

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